TVI Scam? Here is my experience with TVI Express Business

I will tell you good and bad things about TVI Express business. You decide whether TVI scam or not.

Before I was joining TVI Express MLM business few months ago I was looking for a quality review about this business opportunity. I could not find one at that time. Now I have enough experience with TVI and though I must fulfill the requirement for new members.

Are You in a Hurry?

Perhaps you don’t have enough time to read the whole page and additional pages and may need a quick answer. With my experience TVI is not a scam. But it is hard to make money. If you really want to make good money then I highly recommend following 3 systems. They helped me to quit my job and earn a full-time living.

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MLM scams are everywhere in the world. Poor customers are paying thousands of dollars for MLM and other home based business opportunities. I was a victim of not only one but many MLM scams. I did not join any MLM businesses for few years. I decided to join TVI for many reasons. Anyway, here is my view about TVI express business.

What I Don’t Like about TVI?

I am a sort of perfectionist. Therefore I do find problems in any business. There are few things in TVI business that did not impress me.

1 – Poor email support. If you send an email to the support team then very rarely you will receive a reply.

2 – TVI provides 6 Night free holiday for all members. Due to the unexpected volume of members there is a delay in booking the holidays. Currently the online booking system goes off-line quite often and members are struggling to book their holidays.

3 – The cost to join TVI business is $250. However, the secured payment processing company used by TVI charge $25 payment processing fee, which should have been free.

4 – There is no direct credit card payment option to pay for new members. You either needs to purchase a voucher from the person who introduced the TVI business to you or go through a third party payment company (Liberty Pay) who does not have a good reputation in the market.

5 – The down line system (how the up-line and down-line is organized) is bit hard to understand.

What I like About TVI Business Opportunity?

1. They pay on time every time.

2. No ongoing fee. Only the initial $250 joining fee.

3. Truly receiving benefits from the sales done by up-line members.

4. Very good compensation plan.

Do I Recommend TVI Business?

If you can introduce two members and not expecting a huge income then I recommend this business. However, if you want to make a good income (perhaps a full-time living) then My World Plus is the best way to go.

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